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Dissertation Chapter - Results

Dissertation Chapter – Results

O.K. You have completed your research. The Results chapter will now do the following:

  1. Report the data that you gathered through your methods procedures
  2. Place the data is a specific order of presentation – chronological, order of importance, etc.
  3. Provide the presentation in both text and graphical form.

Here is where your skills in organization will be critical. If your data is not presented in a clear and orderly manner, you will lose your reader (and your committee) and may end up with several re-writes, until your advisor thinks is it right. 

You also have choices to make about the graphical representations you will use – charts, graphs, tables? And you will need to produce these graphical representations perfectly, providing a title and number for each one.

As you compose the text portion of your results, you will need to refer to your graphical illustrations by title and number, and placement of them within the text will be pretty critical. While some choose to place all graphics at the end of the chapter, this is really inconvenient for the reader, so we recommend that you not do that.

You must also remember that, if you choose to report data, it must refer directly back to your methods chapter when you outlined the data that you intended to gather. If there is no relationship, then you will either have to go back and revise your methodology chapter or eliminate the data from reporting.

Organization, Organization, Organization!

If you face any challenge with your results chapter, it will be this, along with ensuring that you have selected the best types of graphics for your data illustrations.

If you lack confidence in what you have done in this chapter, we urge you to contact and seek the advice and counsel of a Ph.D. from your field. S/he can review what you have done and make expert suggestions for re-organization, for alterations in graphics, and for overall structural soundness.

Don’t leave this chapter without another pair of expert eyes having a look at it! Get in touch today, and we’ll give you those eyes!

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