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If you are not a seasoned, experienced, and solid research paper writer, chances are you dread the beginning of every semester when those syllabi are handed out. You know what’s coming – there’s going to be at least one research paper assignment in every course, and, multiplying that time 5 courses, you are in for the same drudgery all over again. You probably don’t mind the ones that are assigned in your major field, because at least you have some interest, and you do want to become more knowledgeable in that field. But when you are a chemistry major, and you have major research papers due in history, sociology, philosophy, and literature courses, you just have no desire or motivation to spend the time that it will take to do them well.

The Domino Effect of Grades

You can choose to not do some of those research papers well, but your grade in those courses will suffer. Those course grades, unfortunately, contribute to your overall GPA, and potential employers do look at that transcript and GPA, because they want well-rounded employees who have demonstrated that they can perform well in subjects other than just their major ones. You understand this, so you decide to see what you can find in the way of research paper writing services online. Maybe you can find one that will reputable and trustworthy, and you can turn some of those papers over to it.

Thousands of Research Paper Websites!

You can spend almost as much time researching writing service websites as you would spend conducting research for one of your papers – there are just that many of them! And you have to look at their websites carefully for the “clues” that separate the “good guys” from the “bad guys” in this business. Those clues should include the following:

  1. The content on their site reflects really good English writing – if not, the company does not use native English-speaking writers, and the papers you receive will contain grammatical errors.
  2. There are several ways to speak with live people who operate the site. If not, be suspicious.
  3. They allow you to communicate with the research paper writer who is actually producing your paper. If not, exit out.
  4. They want you to read through their policies and are willing to answer any questions you have about those policies. If there are no policies, forget it!

There’s a Huge Difference between Research Papers for Sale and Custom Research Paper Writing

Most of the sites that have the problems listed above are actually offering pre-written research papers. They don’t actually have someone writing your paper once you have ordered it. They take those pre-written papers, spin them or tweak them to sort of meet the customers’ specifications, and then just deliver them. That’s it – end of communication. Custom research paper writing, however, such as that you will receive from, is an entirely different “ball game.”

  1. We have research paper writers on staff with degrees and long histories producing papers in their degree areas. They don’t begin to write a research paper until we assign it to them, based upon an individual customer order.
  2. No one at our company creates a research paper for a student unless s/he is at least one degree level above that student. An undergraduate student in need of a research paper in political science, for example, will have a writer with a Master’s degree in political science. A student working on a Master’s degree in physics, will have a writer with a Ph.D. in physics. Yes, we have Ph.D. researchers/writers on staff – one of the many things that distinguishes us from the rest!
  3. We have systems in place that provide for client and writer to converse with one another – something else that sets us apart from the “crowd” in this industry.
  4. We have a customer service center that never closes, so help is always available from a live person!
  5. We do not consider our work completed until the client has a paper that s/he absolutely loves.
  6. We have guarantees – your privacy is protected at all times; every paper is subjected to a review process by exceptional editors who check everything, including scanning every page for plagiarism; we will meet your deadline; we will revise anything you don’t like.
  7. Our pricing is reasonable and fair, and we offer discounts, even to new customers!
  8. We give our customers lots of “freebies” – title page, bibliography page, table of contents – others will not do this.

So What Shall It Be?

You have those research paper assignments that you just want to do yourself – we get that! Here, the, is your choice. You can find research papers online from just any old site and take the big risk involved, or you can order those papers from with confidence that they will be original, customized just for you, and ready to submit! We really don’t think there is a choice here at all!

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