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Help Frequently Asked Questions

About Us

I am new to this whole use of a writing service thing. What can I expect to get?

You will always receive customized and top quality writing from a professional with the proper academic background and experience to produce whatever you have ordered. You can expect to receive exceptional customer service from a department that operates 24/7. And you can expect that what you order will be completed according to all of your instructions and delivered by your stated deadline.

How are you any different from the bad writing services I have used in the past?

You will have a totally different experience with us, because of the following:

  • We use only professional writers with university degrees of all levels. We will match your order with a writer who has the qualifications to produce it, in both content field and degree level.
  • Everything that is produced by us is completely original, and we ensure that by a plagiarism scan before it is delivered to a client.
  • We follow all of the instructions provided by the client and meet deadlines
  • We have a system in place that allows clients to communicate directly with their writers. Other websites do not have this feature.
  • We provide many free pages – title, outline, table of contents, and bibliography – you will pay for these at other sites
  • We provide a feature by which clients can request revisions to their delivered work, and these revisions are prepared for free
  • We have a customer support office that is open 24/7 to assist you in any way

We use only highly qualified and professional writers

Who are your writers?

Like the tortoise who won the race with the rabbit, we have developed our writing staff gradually over many years. To write for us, an individual must provide his/her academic credentials and then take a series of tests, including the creation of an original piece of writing, before being hired. Many of our writers are retired professors and business/career professionals. We now have a staff that covers all content fields, as well as business, career and e-commerce areas. They are only assigned to projects for which they meet the qualifications of the orders.

How do I place an order and how it is completed?

  • You begin by completing the order form on our site. You will see many fields for you to provide details – the more the better. If your writer needs further clarification, s/he will contact you directly. If you prefer, you can just contact customer service and they can help complete the order.
  • Your cost is calculated as you fill in the order details, and then you submit the order and make payment (fully secured).
  • We’ll confirm your order by email, let you know that a writer has been assigned, and then set up a personal account page that you will use to speak directly with your writer and to receive your final piece.
  • When your work is finished you are notified on your account page and via email. You then access your account and download your product. If you are happy, just click “approve” and save it to any of your devices.
  • If you are not 100% satisfied, we want to know, and we ask that you use the “request revisions” button, and detail exactly what you want changed. This will be done quickly and the revised piece will then be ready for you.
  • Once you give final approval, we wipe the product from our system, so that no one ever has access to it

What happens if I am not happy with what I receive?

When you download your final draft, we urge you to review it carefully. If there are any changes you want, just let your writer know – they’ll be made quickly and your new final draft will be ready for your approval.

Policies, Practices, and Guarantees

Is your payment process secure?

Yes. We use a third-party processor with SSL encryption and certification, just like all other online retailers do.

I notice that I have to give you my full name, and phone number. How do you protect this information?

We have to have this information, along with your email address, so that we contact you if an emergency arises. We do, however, encrypt your information and give you an ID number instead. Even your writer will only know you by that ID number. And our Privacy Policy (published on our site) guarantees that your information is never sold, shared or distributed anywhere else.

How do I know that someone else won’t get what you write for me or that I am getting something that hasn’t been written for someone else before?

Check our Terms and Conditions agreement. You will see that, once a piece of writing is completed for a client and once that client has taken delivery of it, we delete it from our system. Full ownership and copyright is transferred to you at that time. No one will ever see that piece of writing again.

Do I get a refund if I don’t get my paper?

We have a refund policy that covers all types of refunds. If, in an extreme instance, we cannot fulfill an order, of course the client receives a full refund. Other instances are if we should fail to meet your deadline (very rare), if no appropriate writer is available or if you have mistakenly ordered the same piece twice. When other issues arise, there may be partial refunds provided.

Writing Services for Students

What kinds of academic writing can I order from you?

The short answer is anything, and it will always be original and customized. The longer answer is the following:

  • Essays, term papers, research papers on any topic, any level
  • Research proposals, projects and summaries
  • Book and movie reviews
  • Response essays and reaction papers
  • Case studies and lab reports
  • Coursework assignments in any content field
  • Multiple-Choice Tests
  • All graduate level works and projects, including theses and dissertations
  • Presentations, lab reports, book reviews 

Can you write for any level of study?

Yes. We serve students from high school through Ph.D. programs

Business and Professional Writing

What kinds of copywriting services do you have for web-based businesses?

We produce all types of copywriting, including the following

  • Website design and all content writing for that site
  • Blogs creation and maintenance; blog posts
  • Articles for directories and forums
  • Set up of social media accounts and professional profiles
  • News articles and press releases; website and product reviews
  • Content marketing strategies and writing
  • E-books

Do you offer resume writing services?

We have an entire department for that function, one that includes both designers and writers. We produce customized cover letters, resumes, and CV’s.

I am a business career pro who has never written well. What can you offer?

  • Reports and Presentations
  • Proposals and Plans
  • White papers
  • Press Releases and news articles
  • Marketing and other Promotional Materials

Do you write grants?

Yes, we do, as well as research proposals. Let us know the organization to which you are applying, give us the details of your background and the purpose of the grant, and we will get right to work on it.

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