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If you “Google” the term “professional paper writers,” you will find over one hundred thousand websites that offer what they claim to be professional writing services. They all promise original papers, written by highly qualified writers, guaranteed to get you a “B” grade or higher; they all promise to write papers for their customers that will be plagiarism-free; and they all claim that they are the very best academic writing service in the business.

How Do You Separate the “Wheat from the Chaff?”

You know that most of the websites are shams – you’ve heard the horror stories of students who have ordered papers from these sites and who have gotten either nothing, a paper that won’t pass a plagiarism scan, or one that is so horribly written it cannot possibly be turned in.

Here are some clear “giveaways” that a writing company is not legitimate:

  1. It does not have a phone number. They only want to communicate with you via email, usually to take your order and payment and then again when they deliver their piece of crap to you. And when you complain, they are completely silent.
  2. They do not have established and written policies on their website that explain exactly how they operate, such as terms and conditions and privacy. This means that you know nothing about their paper writers, nothing about the process by which they create written works, and no guarantee that your identity is protected, much less our financial information.
  3. When you scroll through the pages of the site, and read some of the content, it is in poor English – grammatical and sentence structure errors, poor punctuation, etc. If this is how they present themselves as a professional writing service, what must their writing products look like? Common sense will tell you that they will be terrible.
  4. They don’t allow you to know who is writing your paper, and you have no means to speak directly with the supposedly qualified paper writer who is researching and writing your supposedly original product.

You may have to access many, many websites before you find one that might just be legitimate.

We Can Save You All of That Time!

You don’t need to shop around at all – you just need to come to for all of your academic writing products. Here is what you will find:

  1. You will find a company that is completely transparent about its products and services – a company that wants a long-term professional relationship with you.
  2. You will find a company that has multiple ways of contact – phone, chat, email, messaging system, and one that operates 24 hours a day for you convenience. There will always be live people available!
  3. You will find a company that has written policies that describe in detail all of its procedures, and exactly how it ensures that you get custom, original written products each and every time.
  4. You will find a company that has a huge team of professional paper writers – individuals with undergraduate and graduate degrees through the Ph.D. level, so that any student, high school forward, will receive a personal writer who has the full qualifications and background to produce what has been ordered.
  5. You will find a company that encourages open communication at all times – communication between client and our customer support department, and between client and his/her personally assigned writer. We want our clients and their writer to converse – this is how we ensure that clients get what they want and always come back to us!

What Happens When You Order Your Paper From Us

Everything begins when you place an order on our website. We ask you for a lot of information, because that is how we decide which writer to assign and how that writer knows exactly what you need. If your paper has unusual requirements or is more complex than what can be entered into the order form fields, all you have to do is contact customer support and let them know. They’ll get it all down so that it gets to your writer! From that point forward, here is what you can expect:

  • We’ll email you a confirmation of your order – check it over to be sure you haven’t made any mistakes on the details.
  • We’ll give you an account on our site – it is password protected. You’ll use that account to talk with your writer, so get on, say hello, and see if s/he has any questions of you. You can ask about progress, and, if the paper is really long and complex, look at drafts of sections as they are completed.
  • We notify you when the final draft is ready for your review. It will have already been checked for structure, academic soundness and plagiarism by our editing department. You login to your account, open it up and review it. If you like what you see, you just save it to your own device, and we dump it from our system. If you want changes, let your writer know!
  • We stop work on your paper when you are satisfied with it – that how a professional writing service operates!

Get a professional paper writer each and every time from We want to be your only source for all of your writing needs!

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