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Problems Research

Math Problem Research – Fun and Frustrating

Most people like answers to their problems and questions. It makes them uncomfortable to not have a solution when a problem presents itself. Mathematicians are no different when they encounter problems that they cannot solve. And that is how the whole area of problem research came to be. For centuries, mathematicians have encountered problems they could not solve. They document the solutions they have tried and pass the problem on to future researchers.

Problem Research at the Graduate Level

Problem research is the stuff of which graduate-level projects – usually theses and dissertations – is made. The process is not that complex. You have a problem; you conduct research to learn what all other mathematicians have tried in attempting to solve that problem; you learn what has not worked. You then come up with your own solution options and test them out.

You may experience frustration and “math block,” a condition in which you just cannot come up with enough solution options that will satisfy the parameters and requirements of your project, as outlined by your advisor or dissertation committee. At this point, you really need to look for some expertise to assist you.

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