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Press Release Writings

Delivering News Professionally

Big things are happening at your company. You’ve opened a new store. You’ve promoted a key employee. You are launching a new product line. You have a new app that is available for download. Your employees have done something really great for a charitable organization. You’ve posted about it on Facebook. You’ve tweeted about it. You’ve blogged about it. You’ve even shared pictures of it on Instagram. Clearly, you’ve done everything you should from a promotional stand point, right? If you haven’t written and distributed a press release, then the answer is most likely, no. Better yet, if you haven’t had a professional writer compose a press release for you, then you have missed out on a great promotional opportunity.

Don’t Fall for Myths about Press Releases

You do not need to be the owner of a major company to use press releases to your advantage. You also do not need to get the attention of major news organizations and publications for press releases to be a valuable marketing tool for your business. There are so many small publications both online and off that are looking for interesting content. Your press release can provide that content to them. There also may be websites that are dedicated to your industry or related industries who would be happy to publish your press releases so that they are seen by potential customers and business associates.

What’s Happening with your Business?

If you have big things going on, place an order with, or speak to one of our reps. We can help you by writing a press release that will reach your target audience.

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