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Multiple Choice Questions

Multiple Choice Test Questions (Timed and un-Timed)

Lots of really bright students “mess up” on multiple-choice tests – in fact, it is quite common. There is nothing more anger-producing than to have “A’s” and “B’s” on all of your assignments, essays and papers, and then to have your overall grade lowered by a multiple-choice mid-term and final that you must take online and submit. Some of them are timed, of course, and that just increases your stress levels. The bottom line is this: they often do not actually measure a student’s mastery of content and skills, and yet they continue to be given because they are easy to grade (most are graded automatically), and the professor is satisfied that s/he has actually given a mid-term and a final exam for the course.

Take Some Pro-Active Action

Instead of wringing your hands over these upcoming tests, get pro-active before you have to actually take them. You may not have known this, but provides students with test-takers in all subject fields and at all levels – high school, undergraduate, and graduate. How can we do this? We have degreed content area specialists who know their subjects so well that they can whip through any test in their specialized fields.

How You Get Your Specialist

We will ask you to fill out a detailed order form on our site. In that form will be fields for you to enter information. We need to know the subject, you academic level and the specific content that will be covered on the test. We also need to know whether the test is timed or un-timed. The final pieces you supply are the time frame within which the test must be taken and your portal login information.

We then find your specialist and assign him/her the task. Your test is taken, you are notified when it has been completed, and you breathe a sigh of relief.

Isn’t that easy?

Sign up to get our test taker today and in the future – you will never again have to suffer lowered grades due to these anxiety-producing tests! 

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