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Dissertation Chapter - Methodology

Dissertation Chapter – Methodology

Here is the very purpose of your entire dissertation – the actual research you have conducted! This chapter must provide very detailed information about what and how you conducted our study – the “test” is this: could someone else, from reading this chapter, replicate your study exactly? If so, then you have achieved the purpose of the chapter.

Here is what must be included:

  1. Identification of your design (experimental, correlations, qualitative, quantitative, etc.).
  2. Defense of your design as the best one for the question you are pursuing
  3. Description of the study – participants (living or non-living), location, sample size
  4. Inclusion of the instruments used – self-created or existing
  5. Description of the procedure

Typical Issues with the Methodology Chapter

As you write this chapter, you may encounter some challenges

  1. Is there enough clarity? Remember, someone else should be able to replicate your study
  2. Have you really defended the design you have selected? Remember, your committee will be looking at this carefully.
  3. Are your instruments perfectly designed to extract all of the data that you will need and yet prevent nuisance factors from creeping in?
  4. Is your procedural description perfectly organized, step-by-step, so that your reader can follow exactly what you have done?

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