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Making Movie Review

Academic Movie Review Writing from Art of Papers

How does a movie review for a college class differ from a movie review that one might produce for the purpose of entertainment? To begin with, a movie review that is written for an entertainment website or a blog has one focus. This is enjoyment. These reviews are based on the writer’s opinion on whether or not they enjoyed the movie, and why that was the case. When a student writes a movie review for a college class, their focus is rarely entertainment value. Instead, they must focus on the quality and accuracy of the film that is up for review. This judgment must be made in context with the subject matter that is being studied. In other words, if a student is reviewing a movie about the Revolutionary War, they will be expected to write a review that compares the plot of the film to the actual events of the revolutionary war. They will also be expected to address the accuracy of the characters and the scenarios in which they are portrayed.

The Challenges of Movie Review Assignments

Students who are attempting to write a movie review should anticipate many challenges. These include viewing a film that may not be of interest to them, taking notes, writing a side by side comparison of the events as depicted in the film vs. real life accounts, and finding time to view the movie and write the review.

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