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Making Article Critique

Article Critique Writing

Article critiques are written works that provide analysis and feedback of published articles. The purpose of writing an article critique is to develop and demonstrate an understanding of the article. It is also to help others who may be interested in reading the article understand the article better, and determine if the article is useful for any research they are doing. Any article critique should cover at least a few of the following points:

  • Who will find the article to be useful
  • Who should not waste their time reading this article
  • Whether or not the charts, graphs, and other images helpful?
  • Whether or not proper research has been done
  • The readability of the article
  • Any notable errors
  • Any questions or concerns about the writer’s style or methodology

Writing an article critique is a demanding assignment that requires reading the article over and over again. It also means taking copious notes. Obviously this means a big time commitment on the part of the student. Unfortunately that time is not always available. Do not worry, there is some good news.

Art of Papers can Rescue you from your Tedious Article Critique Assignments

If you have a few minutes to place an order and upload the article to, you will find yourself in very good hands. One of our writers will review the article, and begin writing an in depth critique right away. When you receive your finished article critique, we are certain you will be very happy with the work that we have done for you.

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