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Dissertation Chapter - Literature review

The Dissertation Literature Review Chapter – Un-Exciting but Necessary

The literature review chapter of your dissertation may be the least exciting of one of your work, but it is absolutely necessary for the following reasons:

  1. You have to explain exactly what has been done before in terms of research that relates to your specific question.
  2. You have to justify your research question as one which will add to the research that has already been completed.

Challenges of the Literature Review

To be certain that you have found and included all of the literature that is most relevant to your study means hours of pouring through abstracts and actual research work of others. That search is somewhat easier today, because you can use ProQuest and keywords that you have devised (provided your keywords are precise and correct) to bring up related literature.

Once you find that body of literature that relates, it is then your job to separate out what is truly critical to include in your review. This searching, reading and deciding consume hours and hours of your time, before you even begin to actually begin to organize and write the chapter. And as you write that chapter you must attempt to relate all of the previous research to your question.

It’s Easy to Get Bogged Down

Sometimes, you may wonder if you will ever get finished with this literature review so that you can move on with the work about which you are passionate – your actual project! But take heart! can take you away from all of this quite quickly and adroitly.

Wherever you are in your literature review process, you can have the type of expert assistance that only a Ph.D. in your field can give, if you contact us with your need. We have that Ph.D. and can turn your literature review request over to him/her. From that point on, your expert will locate the best literature, provide summaries of it and even write the chapter if you wish.

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