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Dissertation Chapter - Introduction Chapter

Your Dissertation Introduction Chapter – Scholarly and Personal

Your dissertation introduction serves the same purpose as any introduction. As such, it will be the shortest chapter in your work (some have been as short as 2-3 pages), but it is your chance to:

  1. Promote curiosity on the part of the reader relative to your research question.
  2. Provide some background surrounding your question
  3. Explain your reasons for selecting the research question you did (this can be a bit personal)
  4. Provide a short summary of the structure of the work

This chapter asks you to be somewhat of a salesman. You obviously think the topic/question was an important one, and you obviously had a great deal of interest in it. You need to convey that importance and interest to your reader with measured enthusiasm.

Hard to Find the Balance

The biggest issue writers have is to find that perfect balance between introducing their works in a personal and yet scholarly way. And this is where can be of help.

You want your introduction to be perfect, and we have the Ph.D. writers who can provide that perfection. You can order help with your dissertation introduction and receive the following:

  1. A personal writer with a Ph.D. in your content discipline
  2. A writer who will take your thoughts regarding your introduction and weave them into a beautiful piece of prose that will be both engaging and scholarly
  3. The opportunity to review what has been written and to request as many revisions as you wish before giving final approval
  4. Reasonable pricing
  5. Confidential service

You will not find Ph.D. writers at most other academic writing services, and we have them specifically to help grad students with their projects.

Your introduction, while short, is a critical piece of your dissertation. Let us help you make it the opening you want it to be!

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