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Finding Proofs

Take The Challenge

Remember your high school geometry classes and those brightly illustrated textbooks? Remember those proofs that took maybe 8-10 steps at the most? Those days are gone forever. You are now taking courses which have divided geometry into 5 separate classifications, and each comes with proof-finding challenges that can go on for pages. They can be incredibly difficult, time-consuming, and, yes frustrating.

The frustration comes when you simply cannot “see” the next step in the proof, when the previous step you have listed leads nowhere, and when the proof just completely eludes you. You then begin to question whether math is really your “field” or not and wonder if you just aren’t intelligent enough to remain in this major

Not a Question of Intelligence

You problems with finding geometric proofs are not a sign of lack of intelligence. Remember how well you have done in algebra, calculus, and other applied math courses? That’s because the left side of your brain is exceptional. Geometry requires that you engage the right side of your brain, and that may just be a bit more difficult to do. Other students who have no problem “seeing” geometric proofs but struggle with the linear math challenges that you find so easy.

But you have an immediate concern, and that is getting to this proof and getting it submitted on time – and a geometry expert from can fix that right away.

Here’s All You Do!

  1. Fill out the order form on our site
  2. Upload your geometry problem(s)
  3. Wait just a short while, while we locate the perfect mathematician for you
  4. Get on your account page that we have given you
  5. Let your expert work out the proof and upload it to your page
  6. Ask any questions of your expert so that you understand all steps
  7. Done and done!

Getting math help from is easy, fast, and confidential – try us out!

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