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Dissertation/Thesis proposal

Dissertation/Thesis Proposal

Whether you are writing a Master’s thesis or a Ph.D. dissertation, it all begins with a proposal that must be approved by an advisor or a committee. This is the first introduction that you will make to the people who will be deciding whether your work is worthy of a degree award down the road, so they want to be certain that you have “crossed every ‘t’ and dotted every ‘I’.” Your proposal must satisfy these decision-makers that what you plan to study is worthwhile and that how you plan to study it will be valid. To, you must include the following:

  1. Your research question, stated in very clear and precise terms
  2. A section that justifies your research question as important to your field
  3. A statement of your objectives and what you hope to prove from your study
  4. A short review of the preliminary research you have conducted that demonstrates your question will be important
  5. A short explanation of the methodology you intend to use for your research
  6.  A timeline for completion

Some advisors and committee members do not think they are doing their jobs unless they have some criticism of your proposal and at least one request for a re-write. So, you will go back and re-write those sections that they don’t like and take it back for a second try. It is not unusual for these proposals to be re-written 3-4 times before finally approved.

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