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Dissertation Chapter - Abstract

Dissertation Abstract

You’ve read enough research abstracts to know exactly what must be included:

  1. An introduction of your research question
  2. A statement of why your research is important to your field
  3. A summary of the methodology and the data gathered
  4. The answer to your question based upon an analysis of your data
  5. Any factors that may have skewed the results and suggestions for further research

And all of this must be provided in one page!

Why this is difficult!

You have spent a lot of time on your dissertation – your “blood, sweat, and tears” have gone into this project. Now to reduce it to a one page abstract? It’s just too hard.

You Need

Here is what we can do to help you along.

  1. Fill out an order form and upload what you have so far on your abstract. Provide the information that must be included and any specific formatting your institution requires
  2. We will send this over to a Ph.D. who can transform your information into a splendid abstract that will present you study in a succinct and concise manner.
  3. You will receive the finished product, review it, and ask for any change you want
  4. You approve and take delivery of your abstract.

Here’s what we promise

  1. All writing will be completely original and scanned for plagiarism
  2. Your identity will remain confidential
  3. You will have access to your writer at all times
  4. You will have an abstract which you will be proud to submit, along with your dissertation, to that committee!

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