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Dissertation Chapter - Discussion

Dissertation Chapter 5 – The Discussion

Now you are ready to analyze the data that you have presented and to prove its significance in answering your research question. Here are the elements that you must include:

  1. A full analysis and interpretation of the results – this is where the statistical analysis comes in
  2. An answer to your research question
  3. A justification of what you have done
  4. An evaluation of what you have done, including limitations and comparisons with the findings of others who have gone before you

This chapter, like the one before it, involves text and graphical presentations, but before you can even begin on those presentations, you must “do the math,” and by “math,” of course is meant the statistical analysis. While newer technology will “run those numbers” for you, you are the one that must determine which formulae to utilize in your analyses and how to plug in that data so you get the correct results.

The other challenge of this chapter is in organizing the information logically and so as to make it clear for the reader to interpret and understand.

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