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Developing Website Reviews

Is your website working as designed?

How do you know? Is it because you can navigate your website easily with your own device? Don’t assume that your customers are having the same experience. After all, they are on the “other side of the dashboard”. This means that they are on the other side of your firewall. It is also important to remember that there are many devices, web browsers, and operating systems that your customers will use to access your website. Are you absolutely positive that all of them can do so? If they can, are you sure that your website works as well for them as it does for you?

When customers judge the quality of a website, they consider several factors.

  • Do all of the links work?
  • Is the advertising, if any, appropriate and not intrusive?
  • Is all of the information on the website up to date?
  • Is the writing free of spelling and grammar mistakes?
  • Do the pages load quickly?
  • Are there issues with scripts not working correctly?
  • Does sound play without the visitor’s consent?
  • Do links to external websites work, and do they route the user to the intended destination?
  • Are there any fonts or colors that are hard on the eyes?
  • Can they access it from their PC, Notebook, tablet, or mobile phone?

If you tried to verify all of this information yourself, you would become overwhelmed very quickly. This is why using website review services are so valuable to you. We can gather all of the information that you need about your website, and what you can do to make your customer’s website experience much better.

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