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Creating LinkedIn Pro Bio

Professionally Completed LinkedIn Profiles

If you are not aware, LinkedIn is a wildly popular networking website for professionals. It is so popular, in fact, that it is, for the most part, the only website that professionals use for the purposes of networking with peers, making connections with potential employers and future associates, and searching for talent to hire. As a matter of fact, when many people are looking to fill positions, they often go to LinkedIn first. In many cases, these positions are filled before they are posted on job websites or in the classified ads. If you are not on LinkedIn, you will never see these positions, nor will you be contacted about them. They will simply be lost opportunities. Don’t let this happen to you. We can help you set up your own LinkedIn account, and we can write your profile.

What is a LinkedIn Profile?

Your profile is the first thing that people are going to read about you when they find you on LinkedIn. It is essentially your professional autobiography. If someone is looking to hire a person with your background and skill set, your profile is what they will use to determine if they should contact you about the position. If someone is looking to establish networking contacts, your profile will help them decide if you are someone with whom they might want to establish a professional relationship. Finally, if you decided to reach out to others via LinkedIn, they will review your profile to determine if they know you or if they want to “Link you In”.

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